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Welcome to LBL After School Club

A warm welcome to all our new parents!

To make a booking, please visit our booking website directly here:

Telephone number for queries: 07519 804 810

Read our Ofsted Reports:

 - The provider ensures all staff complete robust training and development. Staff have a strong knowledge of ways to keep children safe. All staff can identify the procedures to follow in case of a concern about a child's welfare.



 - The enthusiastic, committed and highly qualified provider is ambitious and helps support the staff team to offer high-quality care for children of all ages.



 - Children have many opportunities to make choices in their play from the wide range of activities on offer. Staff are kind and have a good rapport with children. They create a very caring and welcoming environment.



 - Staff have developed effective partnerships with parents, who are very eager to share their praise for the setting. For example, a high percentage of parents submitted testimonies to the inspector saying how happy they are with the club and how they value the service it provides.

LBL Club - some FAQs



How do I register my child at LBL?


Please register with us by creating an account on our iPal system at the top of the page. You can add all the required details for your child/children on your account and make all bookings you need through the iPal system.


LBL Early Years

LBL runs an Early Years Breakfast and After School club for Martin nursery and reception children. The club runs in accordance with EYFS guidelines and provides a fun and safe environment for children to play and learn with freedom and enjoyment.

We will admit children entering nursery and reception in September to our Early Years LBL, which runs from the Hedgehogs classoom in the nursery. Once the settling in period is complete, you can book any sessions you need.


The staff will provide a friendly and welcoming environment for the children and will provide approprite activities in line with the EYFS. Our priority is to ensure children feel safe and happy to be a part of LBL. From Y1 onwards, children will attend 'big' LBL which runs from the school dining hall.

Where will the Early Years club be held?

The breakfast club is held in the Portakabin (opposite the nursery) and the after school club is held in the Hedgehogs classroom. Children will have also have access to the nursery playground after school.

What are your opening times for the Early Years Club?

The breakfast club opens at 7:30am. The after school club closes at 6pm.

What are your prices?

Breakfast club: £7 per session

After School Club: £20 per session

Holiday Clubs: £40 per session (8am-6pm)

Payment can be made via debit or credit card, Childcare Vouchers or Tax-Free Childcare. You can also keep funds in your 'wallet' with your iPal account with which to pay for LBL sessions.

Who will run the Early Years clubs?

The breakfast and after school clubs are run by current Martin School and LBL staff. Due to the ages of the children, the Ofsted guidelines for ratios are different to our current LBL setting so we have taken on staff who know the school and the children well, with the relevant qualifications to work with Early Years children.

What about school holidays?

Nursery aged children who attend Martin School can join the holiday club from February half term onwards.


In the summer holidays,we can accept children aged 4-5 from any school who will be starting reception that September.


Reception children can join the holiday club from October half term onwards.

The children will join the main holiday club in the dining hall but we will have a dedicated member of staff for the EYFS children and they will be cared for in accordance with EYFS guidelines and regulations. Please ensure you book an Early Years place for your nursery or reception child during the booking process.


Where is 'big' LBL held?


LBL is run in the dining hall at Martin School. We have our own designated space, our own playground, clothes pegs and toilets situated nearby and a kitchen. It is also a secure location as the entrances will be gated which means the children are safe and we can manage pick up times efficiently. We also have access to a large playground area and children are encouraged to play outside at each session, weather permitting.

Do you offer sibling discounts?


We do offer sibling discounts on full sessions for Martin School pupils from Y1-Y6. The rates are as follows:


Full session for first child: £10

Full session for siblings: £8

Holiday Club info

Our holiday clubs are open to children from all primary schools. We accept children from reception age to Y6. We also accept children from Martin School nursery once they are physically and emotionally ready to attend the club, usually from Feb half term onwards.


We are open between 8am-6pm every school holiday (excluding Christmas). Our fees are £36 per day (sibling discount £34) and £40 per day for Early Years children.

You can drop off and pick up your child anytime in between 8am-6pm. Please make a note of the LBL mobile number (07519 804 810) in case the club are in the playground and don't hear the doorbell.


Children will need a packed lunch, water bottle and two healthy snacks per day (no nuts please) as well as suitable clothes for outdoors and messy arts and crafts activities.


We offer a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, sports, team games, books, puzzles, toys, board games and plenty more! Children are encouraged to play freely and as they wish. The children all play as a group in line with our free play philosophy, although there are times where we will split activities according to age for safety reasons.


Pick up and drop off is from the LBL entrance (follow the path to the end of Plane Tree Walk, turn left and follow the path to the back playground through the wooden gate - the door is to the right in the corner of the playground).


Who can I contact for more information?


The best method of contact is via email: or you can use the contact form at the top of the page. The staff will deal with day-to-day questions about the club and all other queries will be handled by Fiona. The phone number for LBL queries is 07519 804 810.

How do I book?

You can use our online iPal booking system to book your spaces. Before your first booking, please create an account so we have all the necessary contact details and medical information for your child. If you would like to contact us directly about any needs your child may have, please drop us an email at

Tax Free Childcare and Childcare Vouchers

 Please search 'LBL AFTER SCHOOL CLUB' postcode N2 9JP on the Tax Free Childcare system to find us.


If you wish to pay using Childcare Vouchers, the list below shows our registered voucher providers:


  • Edenred - P20985676

  • Computershare -0022021849

  • Sodexo - 842118

  • Busy Bees

  • Enjoy Benefits

  • Allsave

  • Fideliti

  • RG Childcare

  • Kiddivouchers

  • Care4

  • Employers for Childcare

Contact Us


Please use the form below to contact Fiona with any questions or queries.

Your details were sent successfully!

The LBL Team


LBL club is owned and managed by Fiona Doyle. The team who work with the children are:


Samantha Cleary (Play Leader - Monken Hadley)

Brenda Doyle (Play Leader - Martin School)

Shirika Dixon (Play Leader - Foulds School)

Effie Charalambous (Play Leader - Coppetts Wood School)

Anju Mithani (Play Leader - Martin Early Years)

Mark Edwards (Play Leader - LBL Manorside Tudor)

Mark Harman (Martin)

Dorthe Harding (Martin Early Years)

Marzena Praisoody (Martin)

Louis Shepherd (Deputy - Martin)

Anna Gajda (Martin)

Patty Mootoo (Martin)

Sara Sibley (Martin)

Billken Banu (Martin)

Khelon Ahmed (Foulds)

Poupak Nabizadeh (Foulds)

Danielle Karagozlou (Monken Hadley)

Veronica Garbrah (Manorside Tudor)

Tripti Dev (Manorside Tudor)

Tina Salter (Manorside Tudor)

Jumayra Choudhury (Admin)







































The Playwork Principles


The LBL team are firm believers in children being allowed to learn and develop through play. For more information on the Playwork Principles, please see the document below.


LBL Policies
LBL has a full and comprehensive list of policies and procedures.

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