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Little Ladybirds FAQs


Here we have listed some questions parents frequently ask when choosing the right care for their child. As parents ourselves we asked the very same questions so we hope you find it useful! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions - we are happy to help. Choosing a childcare setting for your child is a big decision and we want you to have all the details you need to make an informed choice.

What are the policies in your nursery?


All of our policies are fully comprehensive and up to date. They reflect our nursery ethos and expectations as well as outlining important guidance such as health and safety and Safeguarding. All of our policies are available to view on our website. 

Do you keep records and in what form?


We keep records of all children including registration details, medical requirements, contact details and records of their assessment and progress. Some of these are electronic and some are paper records. All of our records are kept in the strictest confidence and only relevant members of staff have access to them. Parents may request access to their own child’s records but records of other children are kept strictly confidential. We use Tapestry, an online assessment system which enables us to record progress and target areas for development in each child. Our policies and systems for record keeping are in line with GDPR regulations.

Will my child have a key worker?


All of the team work in close conjunction with one another and with all of the children. The manager is responsible for the overall care, tracking and assessment of each child but the whole team will care for and observe every child in the setting. We appreciate that children warm to different people and we take this into account to ensure that children settle well and feel happy and confident with us.

What is your settling in process?


Our settling in process is completely flexible in order to accommodate the needs of each individual child. As standard we offer three settling in sessions; the first with the parent and the second and third session where the child stays for a period without the parent. However, if you feel your child needs more sessions, less sessions  or a different process to help them settle then we are more than happy to arrange this. We understand that each child is different; some don't look back after the first few days and others take a little longer to adjust. It can also be tough for the parent as well as the child! We appreciate all of this and do whatever we can to ensure your child is happy and secure with us.


What activities are provided and do the children play outside regularly?

We provide a range of activities suitable for the age range of the children, including toys, reading books, play equipment, arts and crafts, sand and water, baking and nature projects. We vary our activities regularly so children remain stimulated and interested in our environment whilst learning about the world around them. We play outside every day, either in our garden area or on trips to local parks and amenities.

How is your day constructed – playtime, meals and rest periods?

We have a daily timetable of activities which includes play times, meal times and sleep times. These are constructed to ensure children have a fun, enjoyable day that stretches and challenges them as learners. We are of course flexible regarding sleep as children develop their own patterns as they grow.


What training, experience and qualifications do your staff have?

All of our staff have the relevant training and experience for our nursery, including Child Care qualifications, food hygiene certificates and paediatric first aid qualifications. We also hold a range of other qualifications including a Child Behaviour Diploma, Advanced Diploma in Education, BA, MA and PGCE. We believe this is a huge strength of our nursery and really sets us apart from others. As highly trained professionals we bring a range of experience to our nursery and are able to provide the children an excellent learning experience because of this.

What are your fees and do I pay for sickness and holidays?

Details of our fees are available on our website. We pride ourselves on being a reasonably priced nursery within our area and offer a 5% discount to Barnet school and NHS staff on full time places. We calculate our fees on a weekly basis and spread them out across a 52 week period so that you know exactly how much you are paying at the beginning of every month. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for days where a child doesn't attend the nursery.


Do you encourage parental involvement and in what ways?

We always encourage parental involvement where possible and appropriate. We encourage parents to let us know how their child is when they are dropped off at nursery and if there is anything we should know about that day. We invite parents to open days across the year and also encourage any feedback from parents about our nursery. We have a secure social media page for nursery parents and we also communicate via the Tapestry online system. More details of how you can be involved are on our EYFS page of the website.


How many other children do you look after and what are their ages?

Our nursery caters for children from 0-3 years old. We look after the amount of children appropriate to the legal ratio, which is one adult to every three children under the age of three. The number of children we look after on a daily basis can vary depending on different factors, for example if we have parents who work on a part-time basis and so don’t need childcare five days a week.

Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes, absolutely. We are a nut free nursery and also cater for all other dietary requirements including allergies and cultural and religious preferences. We are a healthy eating nursery and ensure our children are offered a balanced and nutritional diet. Our meal plans have been constructed under the guidance and advice of a diet and nutrition specialist so we are confident that we provide healthy and delicious meals.


Are you open all year, early morning and late evenings?


We are open every day from 7:30am-6pm with the exception of bank holidays and the Christmas/ New Year period.




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