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About Us

Little Ladybirds is an independent childcare setting based in East Finchley, North London. We are a childcare provider created to fill the gap in extended childcare hours for children under the age of three. As busy working mums ourselves, we found that there was little choice in the local area for people with young babies and early working hours. We realised that we had the experience, qualifications and skills necessary to open our very own nursery setting; we wanted to cater for busy mums and dads looking for a friendly, caring and trustworthy environment for their children and knew that we could offer something unique and special.

So what makes us different from all the rest? Firstly, as sisters we have a natural family-centred environment within our setting. We were brought up in East Finchley ourselves and so know all the best play areas, adventures, walks, activities and experiences for children in the local area. Secondly, our qualifications and experience means that we have a huge amount to offer the children in our care; we have had years of experience working with children with social, emotional and physical issues, children with autism and children with Special Educational Needs as well as more able/gifted and talented children.


Fiona is currently working towards a PhD in Children's Literature has had almost a decade's experience as a secondary school teacher specialising in English, Literacy and PSCHE (Physical, Social, Citizenship and Health Education). Gemma spent a number of years as a learning mentor in a secondary school and has had vast experience working with children and families with emotional difficulties. Brenda has worked in Early Years education for her entire career as well as also working in holiday and after-school clubs for primary age children.


Our curriculum has been designed to cover all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage in a creative, fun and engaging way, as well as providing a rich learning experience for the children in our care. Our routines are planned and structured to ensure children take part in a variety of learning activities and experiences each day. We have detailed progress checking systems so we are able to celebrate your child's achievements as they happen and keep you informed as your child marks their milestones. As a healthy eating nursery we educate children on sensible and nutritious choices to contribute towards an active and healthy lifestyle. Get in touch with us to find out more!

Registration and Waiting List

We are currently operating a waiting list system for registrations in 2019.


Places are currently limited so please do get in touch sooner rather than later!


Use the 'Contact Us' form to get in touch or else email for a registration form or for more information.

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